Hello, I'm David Streever

I'm a freelance journalist and editor, author, and the former editor-in-chief of RVA Magazine.

I cover politics and news in Virginia, write travel guides for bicyclists, and am available for freelance editing and writing assignments.

Have something you think I'd cover? Want to go for a bike ride? Please email me questions, news tips, or inquiries—I'm always looking for my next scoop.

Featured Stories

Inside the Heating Crisis

In an investigative piece, I went into the homes of families who didn't have heat, and discovered the problem was much larger than previously reported.

Secret Kitchens: Richmond's Underground Restaurants

It's not exactly legal, but these home chefs are serving up some of the best food you haven't had yet: a back-alley pizzeria, a sidewalk soup pickup, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that are out of this world.

Governor-Elect Northam Brews An Ale

After a contentious election year in Virginia, Governor-Elect Northam got to take a break at Center of the Universe Brewing Company in Ashland--and I was there to cover it. He put the finishing touches on a beer specially brewed for his inaugration, and then we sampled different offerings in the taproom.

Best Bike Rides: Long Island

From Montauk to Brooklyn, this book leads the reader along the best roads, trails, and single track on Long Island. Available now.

Best Bike Rides: Connecticut

The best rides in the state are explored over 268-pages of detailed maps, photos, lore, and turn-by-turn navigation. Available now.